Security Awareness


The Best Live Security Awareness Session Followed by more than 8500 satisfied staff members with up to 98,5% satisfaction rate.

Let us not be frightened by the words, the majority of security awareness sessions are quite boring ! Ask your users. They don't talk the users language and don't align to their concerns.The majority of users behaves gingerly when called to duty. A lot of money throw to the trash.

With us, users are enjoying, spending a good times, don't want to leave the room, ask questions, retain the information but more importantly they willingly change their mind, behaviour and apply the rules.

Why is that ? Well because the main driver of this session is not the message in itself but the way we are communicating it. Our session is based on the following quotes :

If you can't explain a concept to a six years old child, it's because you don't understand and master it yourselve – Alfred Einstein

Nothing is definitely lost while there is a good story to tell – Alexandro Baricco.

We are using simple concepts, simple words that a six years old child would understand. Humour is one of our strengths and we are telling a lot of exciting stories.


The aims of this training session is to:

  • To make users of your organization information systems understand the importance of applying and respecting your security rules in their day to day activities.
  • To support your organization compliance journey as far as user security awareness is concerned.


This session is aimed mainly to your users, staff members, consultants, third parties using your information systems within the enterprise.


Available in English, French and Dutch.


The average duration of this awareness session is about 2h15. However, it could be adapted to your needs.


The dynamism and efficieny of this training session is based on the use of a panel of tools including: Communication, slides, hillarious movies, real case stories, anecdotes.


The following questions are discussed :

  • Why are you (mister the user) a key chain of your organization security ?
  • Why are you (mister the user) not applying the security rules ?
  • Why is my organization bothering me with security rules ? I have to work !
  • Actually, what's that, Security ?
  • Who are the ennemies ?
  • Ok I should protect myself but against what ?
  • How that « My password is too long » ?
  • By the way what's the use of a password ?
  • How should I build and protect my passwords ?
  • My God I lost my files !!! I should have taken a backup, right ?
  • Why can't I install this free software on my desktop/laptop ?
  • Who is this guy calling me /emailing me ? Can I trust him ?
  • Why shouldn't I leave my workstation open when I'm leaving for a cigarette ?
  • Why can't I let my kids playing with my professional laptop ?
  • You said virus, worms , logic bomb, trojan horses, are you kidding ?
  • I phished a big fish like that !
  • I Love you ! Don't be excited my dear, this is not a marriage proposal but a virus, a social engineering virus!
  • You said you are protected because you have an anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spyware, don't be so funny, please !
  • Why did you forward this email ? Well they instruct me to do it ! Wasn't it for real ?
  • What ! How could you say I didn't send you this email ? I swear I sent it.
  • Could you BCC me please. Oh yes that's good !
  • Oupsss Sorry I sent you this email by mistake. Well I will have to kill you, nothing personal of course.
  • Can I really eat my spam? Is it digest ?
  • Do you want my pin code ? I'm in a good day.